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Signs You Need To Have Your Fire Sprinklers Serviced

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Wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge fire sprinkler systems might work differently, but they all require proper maintenance and inspections to ensure they’re in perfect working condition. When a problem is discovered or something goes wrong, prompt service ensures your building’s or complex’s fire sprinkler system meets current fire safety codes and regulations and remains a reliable line of defense in the event of a fire emergency.

Firetech Sprinkler Corp. offers comprehensive solutions that ensure the optimal performance of your fire sprinkler system. Our skilled technicians can handle any type of repair, conduct routine inspections, and provide proactive maintenance that helps keep your commercial property safe and compliant. In this blog, we’ll cover some recognizable signs that indicate your fire sprinklers have problems that need to be addressed.

Signs a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Needs Service or Replacement

While regular inspections and maintenance are a great way to keep your industrial or commercial complex fire sprinklers working as they should, these common signs indicate your system might need service or replacement:

  1. System age: Most commercial fire sprinkler systems have a 20- to 50-year life span, depending on the equipment and how well it’s been maintained. If your system’s nearing or has surpassed its expected lifetime, consider replacing it.
  2. Rust and corrosion: Corroded or rusty parts can weaken a system’s integrity and prevent it from functioning correctly.
  3. Leaks: Leaking water or fluid can indicate faulty or damaged components that can compromise the system’s reliability.
  4. Sprinkler head obstruction: Equipment, debris, and storage units should be located away from all sprinkler heads.
  5. Physical damage: Damaged or painted sprinkler heads can impede water flow when the system goes off.
  6. Building or content modifications: Wall additions, partitions, and ceiling alterations may prevent a previously installed fire sprinkler system from providing adequate coverage. New types of stored materials or equipment, such as chemicals or data servers, may also require system modification.
  7. False alarms: Frequent malfunctions or false alarms can indicate an underlying issue with your system.
  8. Non-compliance: Fire codes and regulations are often updated, and fire sprinkler systems must comply with these latest standards.

If you’re unsure about your commercial fire sprinkler’s performance or stability, seek the expertise of a certified fire protection company.

Repair or Replace? Talk to Firetech Today

Your building’s fire sprinkler system is one of its most critical safety components. Regular inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals can ensure these and other signs are identified and addressed promptly. Consulting with Firetech Sprinkler Corp.’s knowledgeable fire sprinkler team helps you make the right decision about repairing or replacing your commercial property’s existing system.

Contact Firetech today by calling 802-655-1800 to learn more about our fire sprinkler services in Vermont, Northern New Hampshire, and Northeast New York.