Fire Sprinkler Maintenance in Vermont, Northern New Hampshire & Northeastern New York

Your fire sprinkler is your property’s first line of defense against a fire. As such, you’ll want to ensure it’s in good shape and well-maintained in order to prevent injuries and damage to your business in the event of a fire. At Firetech Sprinkler Corp., we understand the importance that fire sprinklers hold, which is why we provide thorough maintenance services. Our fire protection experts will ensure your fire sprinkler system will keep your business protected from fire risks.

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Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Your fire sprinkler system serves to keep your commercial property safe, protecting both people and property from fire-related risks. Regular maintenance will make sure your fire sprinklers are up to the task, and it also offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Extending the life span and performance of your system
  • Optimizing its efficiency to allow for rapid fire suppression
  • Ensuring your property meets the NFPA’s regulatory compliance standards

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Our Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Services

Each fire sprinkler system manufacturer has instructions on what maintenance to perform and how often. Typically, maintenance includes cleaning the valve body during annual testing and draining auxiliary drains afterward. However, certain circumstances can warrant more frequent maintenance, such as the sprinkler system being located somewhere cold weather might cause frozen pipes in the winter.

Firetech Sprinkler Corp. offers comprehensive maintenance services, including winterization, in case you should ever need them. We arrive with a fully stocked vehicle during maintenance visits to make any necessary repairs while we are on-site. With maintenance and repairs taken care of in one visit, you’ll get reassurance that your system is in working order without the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments.

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Why Choose Firetech for Sprinkler System Maintenance?

Proper fire sprinkler maintenance is necessary for your commercial property’s safety, so you need a team you can trust to get the job done right. As one of the largest fire sprinkler companies in Vermont, northern New Hampshire, and northeastern New York, Firetech Sprinkler Corp. is the company to choose for your fire sprinkler needs. Our team of fire protection professionals has extensive training and experience working with fire sprinkler systems. Our unmatched professionalism and reliability ensure a job well done every time.

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