Fire Sprinkler Installation in VT, NY & NH

Fire sprinkler installation is about more than understanding the means and methods of putting the system in place. Each installer must understand the underlying code requirements of every fire sprinkler installation.

If your building is in the greater Burlington area, it may be subject to different regulations than elsewhere in Vermont, and an installation in Lake Placid, NY, will certainly have different requirements than a job in Lebanon, NH.  

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Fire sprinkler components

Technicians Who Know Their Trade

In addition to a strong foundation in NFPA standards, our technicians are continually educated on new fire sprinkler installation trends and manufacturer’s products. Using one type of sprinkler head, pipe, fixture, or piece of equipment over another can dramatically alter the techniques needed to install a system properly.

Our installers are well-versed in every product we work with. And every lead technician on our team is certified by the state of Vermont.

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A Full Suite of Sprinkler System Options

Firetech Sprinkler Corp. offers fire sprinkler installation for residential and commercial buildings in Rutland, St. Albans, Plattsburgh, and more, with multiple system options to fit your industry and construction. 

  • Wet-pipe systems: Traditional systems store pressurized water in pipes for immediate release upon heat detection.

  • Dry-pipe systems: These systems fill pipes with air or nitrogen rather than water, making them necessary in cold climates where pipes could freeze.

  • Pre-action systems: These advanced forms of dry-pipe systems require two steps to activate before water is released, allowing facilities to protect against water damage by shutting the system off during false alarms. 

  • Foam suppression systems: These systems dispense foam rather than water. They’re used in situations where water would do more harm than good, such as data centers or airplane hangars.

  • Deluge systems: Often used where highly flammable items cause fire to spread more quickly, deluge systems have always-open sprinkler heads and are triggered by external heat or smoke sensors to flood the whole designated area. 

We even offer fire pumps and specialized mist systems in new construction and renovation projects. We’re proud to employ technicians with the skill to handle projects with unique requirements, from historic buildings to airplane hangars.  

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Superior Service From Firetech Sprinkler Corp. in New Hampshire

You can’t take any chances with your building’s fire protection system. Firetech’s heavy emphasis on certification and ongoing training ensures every technician who touches your building has the knowledge to install your new system according to state and local regulations and manufacturer specifications.

Trust Firetech Sprinkler Corp. for your Vermont, New York, or New Hampshire project. 

Fire Sprinkler System Installation FAQs

How long does it take to have a fire sprinkler system installed? 

When having fire safety products installed, the length of time needed will vary. The time needed to properly install a fire sprinkler system will depend on several factors, including the size of the system, the type of system being installed, and specific components needed or included in the design, for example. 

How does a fire sprinkler system work? 

A fire sprinkler system works in various ways, depending on the type of system. Generally, when there’s a fire in the building, the sprinkler system will detect the heat and activate the sprinklers.

The water or other fire suppression medium will then flow out of the sprinkler heads, working to extinguish the fire. The number of sprinkler heads activated will depend on their placement and how the system is designed, which differs according to the specific state regulations and local codes. 

Start the process of protecting your property in Vermont, New York, or New Hampshire with the latest sprinkler system technology.

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