Fire Sprinkler Installation

We believe that in addition to understanding the means and methods of installation it is critical for our installers to understand the underlying code requirements of their installation and to be knowledgeable about the latest sprinkler equipment and devices. As the provider of fire sprinkler installations that Vermont and Northern New York and New Hampshire rely on, Firetech ensures that all of our technicians are continually educated in the latest codes, installation trends and manufacturers’ products.

All of Firetech’s foremen are certified by the State of Vermont. Our crews are capable of installing wet, dry, foam, deluge and pre-action fire sprinkler systems, as well as fire pumps and specialized mist systems in both new construction and renovation projects.

Our technicians provide the highest quality fire sprinkler installations in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. Our team can handle all types of projects, including commercial, industrial, single/custom and multi-family residential, historic renovations, and specialized projects such as airplane hangars.