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Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services in VT, NY & NH

Fire pumps are often installed at high-rise buildings and other structures with relatively high water pressure needs, but they’re put where the pressure in the municipal water system is insufficient to meet fire sprinkler design requirements. The fire pump provides the high pressure necessary to carry water to where it’s needed.

If your Vermont business uses a fire pump, inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs are a necessary part of keeping its building safe and compliant with all fire safety codes. Firetech Sprinkler Corp. provides fire protection and fire sprinkler services to Vermont businesses, including fire pumps. Each member of our fire sprinkler system design, installation, and service team has the necessary skills to ensure your fire pump works correctly when the need arises.

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Does My Business Need a Fire Pump?

Fire pumps are an essential part of many water-based fire sprinkler setups. If your business needs a fire pump, Section 13.4 of the Vermont Division of Fire Safety regulations requires every Vermont business to install it in accordance with NFPA 20 regulations. It also calls for the submission of a complete plan and detailed data about the pump, including its power supply, fitting, and more for approval.

The code also sets out the personnel qualifications and experience necessary for fire pump services. Firetech Sprinkler Corp. meets all conditions required by state code. Our skilled technicians are factory trained and certified for fire pump system design, installation, inspections, and testing. For 30 years, we’ve provided fire pump services to businesses and industries throughout Vermont, northeastern New York, and beyond.

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Fire Pump Inspection Services for VT, NY & NH Businesses

While fire pumps are rather simple in functionality, the inspection and testing process is complex. It requires in-depth knowledge and specialized skills to ensure the pump meets code requirements and is in good operating condition at all times.

Firetech is a certified provider of confidence testing services for fire safety equipment, including fire pumps. Our fire pump inspection services are designed to your building’s specific needs. We offer monthly, quarterly, twice-a-year, and yearly fire pump inspections, so your building and the people who live and work there are safe at all times.

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Fire Pump Maintenance in VT, NY & NH

Regular maintenance of your building’s fire pump is essential to identifying repair issues before they cause more extensive damage to the equipment. Firetech’s maintenance specialists are trained to locate problem areas quickly and make any necessary adjustments, repairs, or replacements. They complete their work with minimal downtime to your building and operations while improving overall system performance.

Schedule Fire Pump Services in Vermont, Northeastern New York & New Hampshire

Every fire pump Firetech designs and installs is guaranteed to provide the pressure needed for optimal fire protection. We follow NFPA 20 standards for fire pump installation and provide maintenance and inspection services post-installation to identify and fix performance issues. This proactive approach mitigates breakdowns and helps you save on extensive and expensive repairs.

Our 30 years of experience in Vermont, northeastern New York, and beyond makes us the area’s most trusted source for fire protection services, including fire pumps. You can depend on us to ensure your fire protection system meets all local, state, and federal requirements.

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