Fire Sprinkler Design

Custom Fire Sprinkler Solutions in New York, Vermont & New Hampshire

Our NICET certified in-house designer and estimators are available for consultation regarding building changes, value engineering cost reductions, change of use impacts, hazard analysis, and water flow analysis.

We produce computer-based building designs to streamline the permitting and approval processes, provide accurate hydraulic calculations, and improve the coordination of work with other contractors on the job. After the job, we provide the customer with accurate as-built drawings, Operation and Maintenance manuals, and hands-on training to ensure that our clients are comfortable with their systems.

The Right Design for Your Building

Sprinkler systems are not a one-size-fits-all component that can be placed into a building with no alteration. Effective systems must be designed from the ground up, beginning with attention to NFPA 13 compliance and the specific use of the building. 

A custom-designed system is the best way to preserve your building’s structure and physical assets in the event of a fire. In many cases, a standard wet sprinkler system where pipes are always filled with water will be sufficient. However, if freezing is a possibility, dry pipe systems are required. Suppose the building is large enough that an accidental trigger of the system would have severe consequences, such as in a library. In that case, a pre-action system is needed as an extra barrier to unwanted discharge. A robust custom design will ensure the most effective defense possible.   

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How We Design Sprinkler Systems

There are endless variables to consider when designing a sprinkler system for any commercial building. In general, there are five key steps to perform in creating a system that offers superior protection.

Evaluate Water Supply

Per NFPA 13, sprinkler systems must have an automatic water supply sufficient for fire control. The first design step is to test water supply capacity to ensure the future system will not exceed the building’s power.

Determine System Needs

Designers look at the use of the building to determine whether it needs a wet pipe, dry pipe, or pre-action sprinkler system.

Determine Protection Required

Designers will evaluate the building’s occupancy hazard level per NFPA 13 to estimate water demands and use the design area concept to plan the system around a potential worst-case scenario. They also calculate how much water is needed in gallons per minute per square foot of the building.

Select & Installing Sprinklers

Significant calculations go into choosing sprinkler heads with adequate flow and placing them to maximize coverage and minimize system cost.

Select & Installing Pipes

The size and material of the systems’ pipes significantly affect friction and pressure losses that reduce the efficacy of sprinkler heads. Designers choose pipes to maximize the flow life of the system while keeping your budget in mind.  

Why Choose Firetech Sprinkler Corp.

When you need a new commercial, residential or industrial sprinkler system, you can’t afford to work with a design or installation team that is anything less than meticulous. At Firetech Sprinkler Corp., our team is up-to-date on regulations and new developments in design technology to ensure your building is outfitted with a sprinkler system that exceeds standards and delivers peace of mind.

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