Fire Sprinkler Systems for the Education Industry in VT, NH & NY

Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation & Inspection

U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated 3,300 structure fires in schools each year, making fires a significant threat to the safety and health of students, teachers, and staff in educational facilities.

Custom-designed fire sprinkler systems for the education sector save lives and minimize property loss. For over 30 years, Firetech Sprinkler Corp. has been a leading provider of fire protection services for educational facilities throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northeastern New York that meet all applicable NFPA standards. Our fire sprinkler design, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair services help schools, colleges, and universities limit disruption and increase safety.

Whether your facility is several classrooms, multiple buildings, or a job training facility, the need for proper fire safety is crucial. Firetech will work with you to ensure your facility is always a place of safety now and for years to come.

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NFPA Requirements for Educational Facilities

NFPA requirements for fire protection in educational facilities are outlined in its 101®: Life Safety Code®, including:

  1. A complete fire protection system based on your facility’s size.
  2. Fire sprinkler systems linked to an alarm system.
  3. A multi-story evacuation setup according to student age.
  4. At least one emergency fire drill per month that school’s in session.
  5. Appropriate equipment for classrooms with hazards like fuel-burning appliances.
  6. Easy and fast access to portable fire extinguishers.

Firetech can ensure your educational building meets all necessary standards, codes, and regulations. Contact us at 802-655-1800 to get started.

Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation

A fire sprinkler system’s design is the first step toward providing adequate fire protection for students, teachers, staff, and physical assets. Firetech’s NICET-certified in-house designers and estimators are skilled in designing customized sprinkler systems that always comply with NFPA regulations. You can always rely on our fire sprinkler installation services to meet all local, state, and federal code requirements.

Good fire sprinkler system design includes:

  • Identifying and evaluating your building’s water supply.
  • Deciding what kind of sprinkler system it needs.
  • Identifying its hazard and protection levels.
  • Selecting and laying out sprinkler heads and pipes.

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Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Maintenance for Educational Facilities

Even small fires can spread quickly and cause extensive harm. If your building’s sprinklers are faulty or outdated, the delay in activation that could result can lead to extensive damage and result in loss of human life and property.

NFPA 25 states that building owners or their designated representatives must ensure their properties have properly maintained fire protection systems that are regularly inspected. Firetech’s fire sprinkler inspection, testing, and maintenance services ensure your educational facility complies with all local, state, and federal standards and regulations while keeping everyone and everything safe from fire-related damages and injuries.

To schedule a fire sprinkler inspection, test, or maintenance, contact us online or call 802-655-1800.

Why Choose Firetech?

Fire safety for educational facilities is of critical concern. Firetech’s fire sprinkler services ensure your school, college, university, or training facility is secure. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Broken or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Clogs or sediment accumulation
  • Corrosion or debris in lines
  • Defective controls and valves
  • Faulty backflow preventers
  • Faulty discharges
  • Leaks

From design and installation to inspections, testing, and repairs, we make every effort and take every possible step to ensure your fire sprinkler system runs smoothly and efficiently.

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