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Fire Sprinklers: The Silent Heroes Above Us

Unassumingly integrated into nearly every commercial building, fire sprinklers maintain a quiet and vigilant watch from above. These inconspicuous yet vital fire safety features are ready to respond rapidly when needed, mitigating loss of life and property damage.

In this post, we take a look at commercial fire sprinkler facts and how designing a system customized to your building’s needs helps you maximize the full potential of these fire safety guardians.

Fire Sprinkler System Facts: What You Might Not Know

Did you know that every year in the U.S., there are nearly 17,000 commercial fires in offices and retail establishments? Or that they cause over $800 million in direct property damage? A properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system prepares commercial building owners and managers for fire emergencies, reducing heat, flames, and smoke and giving people more time to escape.

While most people are aware of what fire sprinklers are, they’re not always clear on how they work and what makes them so effective in firefighting:

  • Individual activation: Unlike what you tend to see in movies and TV shows, not all sprinkler heads come on simultaneously. Instead, each sprinkler is triggered individually once it’s directly exposed to heat, ensuring only the areas threatened by fire are affected, minimizing water damage.
  • Temperature-based activation: Sprinklers typically activate at a temperature of 155 to 165 Fahrenheit, ensuring a timely response and preventing premature discharge.
  • Water usage and water pressure: A sprinkler system uses significantly less water — about 8 to 24 gallons per minute — than fire department hoses do. If needed, a fire pump can maintain adequate water pressure, which boosts the system’s efficiency during emergencies.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The financial losses incurred from fire damage and potential insurance premium savings are far more substantial than the initial fire sprinkler installation cost.
  • Reliability: Regular inspections, testing, and maintenance ensure that a fire sprinkler system works at all times, even in unoccupied buildings, providing 24/7 protection without human intervention.

Fire sprinklers are truly silent heroes, unnoticed in our daily lives but crucial lifesavers during a fire emergency!

A fire sprinkler on a ceiling

Fire Sprinkler Services From Firetech: We Have You Covered

An advanced fire sprinkler system is an indispensable investment for every commercial building owner or manager. It offers unparalleled protection against a fire’s devastating impact, ensuring round-the-clock safety for occupants and property alike.

Firetech provides commercial fire sprinkler design, installation, and testing and inspection services that are second to none. Our design team can help you select the right system for your building, including customized options that combine wet and dry pipe systems that meet your building’s or facility’s specific needs.

When you choose Firetech, you can rest easy knowing your new fire sprinkler will provide decades of optimal fire protection for your New York, Vermont, or New Hampshire building or commercial complex. Locally owned and operated, we are our region’s preeminent fire protection contractor, relied on and trusted by our customers to deliver exceptional design, fabrication, and installation of all fire safety systems, including fire sprinklers.

Want to learn more fascinating fire sprinkler facts or schedule a consultation?

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