Fire Sprinkler System Design, Installation & Maintenance in Burlington, VT

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Small fires can become catastrophic in a matter of minutes, so your fire safety equipment is vital for protecting assets, property, and people. Firetech Sprinkler Corp. designs, installs, and maintains fire sprinkler systems in Burlington, VT. We also offer fire sprinkler inspection & testing services for existing fire safety systems. 

Our highly trained and certified team of technicians has provided industry-best fire sprinkler services since 1992. Ensure your Burlington business is protected from fire risks by calling 802-655-1800.

Fire Sprinkler Design in Burlington 

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Every business is unique, and fire sprinkler systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. At Firetech, we understand the unique needs of a wide range of properties and businesses.

Our NICET-certified designers create unique fire sprinkler system designs for your building, taking into consideration any unique elements such as potential hazards, the water flow of the building, and other similar factors.

Our innovative process includes a computer-based design interface that handles:

  • A computerized version of your building design
  • A streamlined permitting and approval process
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • NFPA 13-compliant sprinkler systems
  • An interface that helps us coordinate our team with your other contractors

We offer robust custom designs that cater to icy climates, the risk of accidental discharge, and adjustments for rooms that can’t tolerate water damage. We also provide training for our fire sprinkler systems, because no fire suppression system can work unless our clients understand it.   

Contact us at 802-655-1800 to get started on fire sprinkler system design for your Burlington, Vermont, business!

Fire Sprinkler Installation

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Your sprinklers must be installed in a way that maximizes their coverage and reduces their costs. You also need the correct piping materials to avoid pressure loss and friction-related challenges.

Our installation team will make sure your sprinkler heads are as efficient as possible, always bearing your unique needs in mind.

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Burlington Fire Sprinkler System Inspection & Testing

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Over time, automatic fire sprinkler systems will degrade, which is why regular maintenance is essential. This is also why having your fire suppression system inspected and tested regularly will ensure there are no cracks, rust, or other issues that could compromise your sprinklers.

Our Burlington team is highly trained and NFPA 25-compliant, so you can trust us to cover every aspect of this process. Our comprehensive inspection and testing process checks your air and water pressure, alarm valves, wet pipe system gauges, and control valve seals. We make sure there are no cracks or rust that could comprise your sprinkler system.

In addition to our comprehensive visual inspections, we also offer: 

  • Quarterly tests of your mechanical water flow alarm devices
  • Semiannual checks of your pressure flow and electric vane equipment
  • Annual testing of your antifreeze levels

Looking for a more in-depth or custom inspection and testing service? We design unique inspection schedules that test every part of your system at intervals that work best for your needs. Contact Firetech Sprinkler Corp. today at 802-655-1800  to schedule testing.

Emergency Fire Sprinkler System Repairs

If your water bill has risen without explanation or your sprinkler heads are producing inconsistent pressure, you might need to contact our repair team. Rust, head damage, and ordinary wear and tear can also compromise your system.

We offer 24/7 emergency fire sprinkler system repairs because fires don’t wait for a convenient time, so neither do we. Call 802-655-1800 and we’ll take care of you.

Fire Sprinkler Winterization Services in Burlington 

Vermont’s cold, icy winters can wreak havoc on your fire sprinkler system. Water can freeze in your pipes, causing expansion and contraction that ultimately leads to cracks, which can compromise the system. Fire sprinkler control rooms and unoccupied areas are particularly prone to winter temperatures, making them vulnerable to freezing and cracking.

We offer winterization services for the Burlington, VT, area and surrounding communities, so you can rest easy knowing your fire suppression system is in good working order even in the coldest depths of winter.

Fire Pumps

The wrong fire pump can render even the most perfectly designed sprinkler system useless. This crucial equipment provides extra pressure so your system can achieve the berth it was designed for. Our custom fire pump designs will fit seamlessly into your existing system.

Like everything we do, our pumps are crafted for your individual requirements. To learn more about our fire pump services, contact Firetech Sprinkler Corp. at 802-655-1800

Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are important components of fire sprinkler systems. It keeps pressurized fire sprinkler water lines from flowing back into the waterline, preventing the possible pollution of the water supply. At Firetech, we can install a backflow preventer as part of your fire sprinkler system.

Contact Firetech Sprinkler Corp. at 802-655-1800 to schedule an appointment for any of our backflow system services.

Trust Firetech Sprinkler Corp. To Protect Your Burlington Property

Firetech Sprinkler Corp. has served Burlington businesses for over three decades. Our team is committed to offering premium, detail-oriented services that prevent loss of life. The safety of you and your team relies on our professionalism, so our technicians are certified, skilled, and committed.

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