Fire Sprinkler System Services in Chittenden County, VT

Regardless of how big or small your Chittenden County, VT, business or industrial complex is, when a fire strikes, you need a reliable fire sprinkler system that stops it in its tracks.

Firetech Sprinkler Corp. designs, installs, inspects, tests, and repairs fire sprinkler systems that protect lives, property, and other business assets from a fire’s devastating effects. Our certified fire protection designers and technicians offer an extensive range of fire sprinkler services and are knowledgeable in all the latest industry technologies. We’re equipped to handle all your fire protection needs promptly and efficiently!

For quality fire sprinkler services for your Chittenden County, VT, commercial property, contact Firetech online or call us at 802-655-1800.

Fire Sprinkler Design in Chittenden County, VT

Fire sprinklers are an indispensable first line of defense during a fire and are an essential life-saving measure for any business. Firetech uses advanced computer technology to custom design sprinkler systems for a broad range of industries, including:

  • Multi-unit residential
  • Commercial
  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Assisted living
  • Education
  • Hospitality

We also design custom sprinkler systems for specialty applications. Our design engineers build your system from the ground up, consider your unique needs, and ensure your system complies with NFPA standards.

Following a proven five-step design process, we:

  1. Evaluate your building’s or facility’s water supply.
  2. Determine system requirements.
  3. Calculate protection requirements.
  4. Select and install sprinklers.
  5. Select and install piping.

Our team can design fire sprinkler systems for many applications, even in the most complex buildings.

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Fire Sprinkler Installations in Chittenden County

A well-designed fire sprinkler system is just the first step. It must also be installed correctly if it’s to offer the protection your business needs. Firetech provides sprinkler installation for commercial structures in Chittenden County and the surrounding area. Our team is skilled in wet, dry, or pre-action fire sprinkler installations, no matter how complex the system’s design.

When you need fire sprinklers designed for and installed in your Chittenden County facility, call Firetech at 802-655-1800 or contact us online.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing

Most states require regular inspections of commercial fire sprinkler systems to ensure the safety of your business and the surrounding communities. Our professionally trained technicians can perform all required NFPA inspection, testing, and maintenance services, ensuring your fire sprinkler system is compliant and functions properly.

Depending on your specific needs, we offer annual, semiannual, quarterly, and monthly inspection schedules. We also recommend having your fire sprinkler system checked and tested when you:

  • Significantly alter the use, layout, or occupancy of your building or complex.
  • Add a backflow preventer.
  • Make structural changes like adding walls or floor space.

Schedule a fire sprinkler inspection today by calling 802-655-1800 or contacting us online.

Fire Sprinkler Repairs

If a routine inspection detects problems in your fire sprinkler system, the Firetech team will conduct vital repairs and component replacements. We also offer fire pump repairs, winterization services, and 24/7 emergency services for existing customers who’ve had at least one system inspection performed by Firetech.

Signs your sprinkler system needs repair work include:

  • Equipment failure
  • A faulty backflow preventer
  • One or more damaged sprinkler heads
  • False alarms
  • A malfunctioning fire pump

No matter what type of sprinkler repair services you need, Firetech is just a phone call away.

Why Choose Firetech?

From design to installation, testing, and repairs, locally owned and operated Firetech Sprinkler Corp. is dedicated to ensuring your fire sprinkler system runs smoothly and works correctly when you need it most. Whether you’re looking for an industry-standard or custom fire sprinkler solution, we can design and install the system you need.

For fire sprinkler services you can trust in Chittenden County, choose Firetech! Call 802-655-1800 or contact us online to get started.