Fire Sprinkler Systems in Essex Junction, VT


With fires costing businesses over $2.4 billion annually, commercial sprinkler systems are essential for containing, controlling, and suppressing fires. These components can protect people, assets, property, and reputation, and regardless of your industry or business size, Firetech has you covered.

Established in 1992, Firetech Sprinkler Corp. is locally owned and operated. A leading fire protection contractor, we service Vermont, Northern New Hampshire, and Northeast New York. 

Adhering to all National Fire Protection Association guidelines, rely on us for advanced fire safety solutions to avoid catastrophic fire damage.

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Custom Fire Protection System Design

Whether you need a new sprinkler installed or an outdated system replaced, sprinkler system installation requires planning, evaluation, and expertise. 

Our NICET-certified designers use advanced technologies and equipment to design custom sprinkler systems. The industries we service include commercial properties, schools, medical facilities, hospitality, retail, offices, and specialty areas like aviation.

With a five-step approach, our commercial fire sprinkler design includes:

  • Step 1: Identify and evaluate your business’s water supply.
  • Step 2: Determine what type of sprinkler system your business needs.
  • Step 3: Assess your property hazard levels and required protection.
  • Step 4: Install and test the appropriate sprinkler head equipment.
  • Step 5: Install the necessary pipes for your business.

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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation in Essex Junction, VT

Fire sprinkler system installation requires the proper materials, components, scheduling, permits, and approvals. With different fire sprinkler systems available, our knowledgeable teams provide the highest quality service.

The systems we install include:

Wet pipe

The pipes hold water, and as the fire reaches the ceiling and breaks a glass bulb or sprinkler fusible link, water free flows from the sprinkler’s head.

Dry pipe

The water stays in a valve away from the sprinkler until the link or bulb breaks and the pipe releases air instead of water. 

Pre-action systems

The first trigger is smoke or heat, and the second is a fire sprinkler head. When it detects a flame or enough heat, it activates water.  

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Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Commercial fire sprinkler systems can prevent extensive damage. Hence, regular testing is essential to maintaining your equipment. 

Our sprinkler services include: 

  • Inspections: Our technicians will conduct a visual inspection for obstructions like dirt, debris, paint, and rust.  
  • Testing: We will test the control valve, which varies by regulation and the type of sprinkler equipment installed. 
  • Maintenance: Regular service will keep your system functioning properly and meet all compliance requirements. 

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Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers prevent polluted water from contaminating the public water supply. 

Since Vermont requires annual testing by an outside fire safety company, let our technicians inspect your backflow preventer and mitigate code violations, fines, and fees.

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Fire Pumps

A fire protection plan’s backbone, fire pumps deliver water from the sprinkler system. We custom design our fire pumps based on your building requirements to ensure they adhere to all applicable Vermont codes. 

Benefits of a fire pump include:

  • Cost-efficiency: Protect your business and reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities.
  • Added peace: Rest assured that we protect your business from fire hazards. 
  • Reliability: These durable hoses operate effectively in emergencies.
  • Compliance: Required for most businesses, pumps are crucial to an effective fire protection system.

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Why Choose Firetech?

Firetech is a full-service fire safety contractor that offers in-house design and fabrication capabilities.

With AFSA, NICET, NFPA, and FSSA awards, affiliations, and excellent reviews, turn to our experts for advanced fire sprinkler services, repair, and installation. 

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