White River Junction, VT

Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation & Service in White River Junction

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are critical tools businesses should use to contain, control, and suppress fires. Hospitals, office buildings, schools, and other commercial properties rely on these fire safety systems daily to keep people, property, and assets safe from fire hazards.

No matter what type of commercial building, facility, or complex you own or manage in White River Junction, Firetech Sprinkler Corp. can custom design and install a fire sprinkler system that helps safeguard it from catastrophic fire damage.

We also provide quality fire sprinkler inspection, maintenance, and repair services that keep your system working as it should. You can depend on our skilled team to manage all your fire protection needs promptly and efficiently.

To learn more about how Firetech’s fire sprinkler services can protect your White River Junction business from fire-related risks and damages, contact us online or call 802-655-1800.

Fire Sprinkler Design in White River Junction, VT

Does your building or facility need a new fire sprinkler system? Do you need to replace an outdated system? Fire sprinkler system design is a precise process performed by experienced and qualified professionals with the required skills to create solutions that meet your unique fire risks.

Our NICET-certified designers use advanced computer technology to design customized sprinkler systems for various industries, including:

No other commercial fire sprinkler company understands your business’s unique fire protection demands as Firetech does. Our established five-step approach to designing commercial fire sprinkler systems positions us as a recognized leader in the industry. It includes:

  1. Identifying and evaluating your business’s water supply.
  2. Determining the best sprinkler system for your property.
  3. Calculating a structure’s hazard level and required protection.
  4. Selecting and installing sprinkler heads.
  5. Selecting and installing piping.

Fire Sprinkler Installation for White River Junction, VT, Businesses

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your commercial property is a wise investment that delivers significant returns. Our team manages the entire process, including scheduling, permitting, and approvals. Our installation process ensures your wet, dry, or pre-action fire sprinkler system is installed correctly the first time, no matter how complex its design might be.

White River Junction Fire Sprinkler Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance

A commercial fire sprinkler system reduces the likelihood of devastating fire damage when flames erupt. Routine fire sprinkler inspections, testing, and maintenance performed by Firetech’s professional, multi-certified technicians ensure your building’s system performs as it should and complies with NFPA recommendations and local, state, and federal standards.

Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are required in most commercial properties, as they prevent polluted water from businesses entering the public water supply. Suppose your building already has a backflow preventer installed. In that case, Vermont law requires it to be tested annually by a third-party professional fire safety company like Firetech to ensure water flows in the right direction.

Fire Pumps

A fire pump ensures sufficient water flow for your commercial fire sprinkler system. As with all the fire safety systems we offer, we tailor your building’s fire pump to its specific requirements while complying with all pertinent Vermont codes.

Why Choose Firetech?

Award-winning and five-star reviewed, we follow the highest standards for in-house commercial sprinkler system design, fabrication, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance. We also offer existing customers 24/7 emergency services.

No other commercial sprinkler company can help protect your people and assets from the devastating effects of fire like we do. We’ve been the fire protection contractor of choice in the greater White River Junction, VT, region since 1992.

Contact Firetech online or call 802-655-1800 today to learn more about all our commercial fire sprinkler services in White River Junction.